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An outstanding event

Welcome to the European Youth Championship & National Master Olympic Combined

Friday 13 October 2017, by vincent

The path which, for the first time, will lead the climbers to be Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo goes through Saint-Etienne that welcomes the first European Combined Olympic competition - speed – boulder – lead - on the 24,25,26, November 2017

Two events, three days of competitions

Two major times :

- Saturday, November 25th at 7 pm, National Master finals

Come and anjoy a sporty entertainment of a top level on sturday, the 25th of November for the Combined National Master with the best French climbers

with :

- d’Anouck Jaubert, SPEED : gold medal World Cup 2017 - silver medal World Games 2017 – silver medal World Championship 2016 – golden medal European Championship 2015
- Manu Cornu, BOULDER : bronze medal World Championship 2016
- Romain Desgranges, LEAD : winner of Arco World Cup 2016 – golden medal European Championship 2013

- Sunday, November 26 th, European Youth Championship (Youth A)

There are two challenges :
- Win the first Olympic Combined European Championship
- Be qualified for the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina 2018

The three aspects of climbing will be presented on one unique competition :

FASTER, speed - the goal is to climb as fast as possible
STRONGER, boulder – the goal is to reach as many tops as possible with fewer tries in 5 minutes
HIGHER, lead – the goal is to climb as high possible

The Olympic Combined in climbing : three disciplines :}

SPEED on the record road, 15 meters high and 5 degres inclination, a road that is the same ewerywhere in the word and never changes
- Qualification stage : the temporary classification is made according to the best times,
- Final stage (battle) : depending on their classification in the qualification stage, two climbers confront each other. The one who losers the battle is eliminated, the one who wins is qualified for the next battle

BOULDER 30 meters large, 4,50 meters high front wall. The climbers try to reach the tops of 4 blocks with as fewers tries as possible in a set time (5minutes for the bloc, 5 minutes’ rest between each block)
- Qualification stage : 4 blocks (5 minutes for each block, 5 minutes’ rest)
- Final stage : 4 blocks with direct confrontation

LEAD a 15 meters high wall, with 8 meters overhang. The climbers go as high as possible. Their set time is 6 minutes. They do not know the road, but they are allowed some time to examine it collectively

The 3 disciplines follow on from each other (speed – boulder – lead). The classification is determined by multiplying the positions obtained by the climbers in each discipline.

The new Jean Gachet gymnasium – Saint-Etienne will provide the setting for these competitions

Saint-Etienne is constantly changing, it has been driven by the links between design and industry for more than two centuries. The city uses design as a catalyst of creative potentials of everyone.
Since 2010, Saint-Etienne has belonged to a world wide network of 16 cities enjoying the label « Ville Créative Design » awarded by UNESCO.

The artficial climbing wall of the new Jean Gachet gymnasium opened in November 2016 fits in this procedure linking design and innovation.

Planned by the company ESCATECH with the partnership of the Comité territorial FFME de la Loire, the 15 meters high and 52 meters large structure (872 m2) offers a hundred roads (10 000 holds) of all possible standards, a double speed road (IFSC certified) and a front wall of blocks which is integrated to the lead wall. To this day, this climbing wall is the first and the only one to allow the Olympic Combined speed – boulder - lead on the same equipment. This creation has been carried out with a financial help from the FFME.

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